"The girl with the voice" is what my first music teacher called me.  It was he who introduced me to the soulful sounds of suffering in song, singing Swing Low and The Trumpet Sounds.  I connected with and really remembered those songs.  Being surrounded at home by classical music, folk songs and pop, I grew up loving music, singing in choirs and musical theatre, but didn't connect closely again to songs until I came across the voices and music of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. The rawness of emotion expressed in some of their songs along with how Ella used her voice as an instrument I found so inspiring.  Billie's Strange Fruit and Nina's Little Girl Blue pulled at my heart strings and I loved their style.  Of course all the songs of unrequited love appealed too….  When a friend introduced me to Otis Reading, These Arms Of Mine played on repeat for weeks.  Then I came across Bessie Smith and I got the blues.


I have developed a songwriting style influenced by jazz, blues, folk and pop.  I love to dance, so perhaps I have got a few dance tracks yet to produce….

British by birth, I am now based in Melbourne Australia.  Internationally my songs and singing have gained praise such as:

"What wonderful talent you are! Congratulations on your amazing work!" Simon Hussey/Cottonbud Bench Pressers (Multi ARIA & APRA awarded Australian Composer/Producer/Arranger)

"Jessica you are so utterly gifted touchingly lovely! deep" Laura Taylor Whitfield (singer/songwriter)

"Lovely music, Super songs that perfectly showcase your wonderful voice." Rebecca Brunati (singer)

"Hot afternoon, while listening to your tunes! I have officially started my holidays today... Will enjoy the afternoons while chilling to your music!" DJ Antonio

"Such beautiful music. You are a true artist!" Allyse (singer / songwriter / self producer)

"You are soo talented! Your piano playing is spectacular! Keep up the great work!" - Jessica Brown (singer/songwriter)

"Bridges Burned has such a great emotive vocal line, and the piano beautifully accompanies your brilliant phrasing and I am a huge fan....... Sounds even better in my headphones" Fluffer (band)




Lucid Dream is my first collection of self produced original piano songs with a nod to the music and era of Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington.  Influenced also by Ella Fitzgerald's vocal expertise.  I am a multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter.   With a library of songs to choose from, I am working on self producing a collection of my original guitar accompanied songs, that have a nod to the era of the summer of love and allows me to embrace my inner hippy.


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"smokey jazz vocals"  

"insightful lyrics"

"Great music deserves to be heard"